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NEXT 1.0.2 Alpha Released

NEXT 1.0.2 Alpha build for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu released.

NEXT 1.0.2 Alpha Release Notes

  • Added “Store” section for merchants.
  • Added “Staking Report” section.
  • Added “Console” section.
  • Added “NavCoin Daemon Logs” section.
  • Added “Peer List” section.
  • Added “Soft Forks” section.
  • Added “NavCoin Accepted Here” section.
  • Added “Instant Network Switch” button to easily change network between mainnet/testnet/devnet.
  • Added “Open Data Folder” button to Settings.
  • Added “Configuration File Editor” to Settings.
  • Added “Show Master Private Key” button to Settings.
  • Added “Sign Message” to Settings.
  • Added “Verify Message” to Settings.
  • Added “Table View” button to Community Proposals section.
  • Added “Search” button to Community Proposals section.
  • Added “Proposals by Status” information box to Community Proposals section.
  • Added “Payment Request List” for each proposal in Community Proposals section.
  • Added “Direct Donate” button for accepted proposals.
  • Added “Create Payment Request” button to “My Proposals” section for accepted proposals.
  • Added “Total Donation Amount” and “Number of Donors” info to Community Proposals section.
  • Added transfer type filter to Transactions section.
  • Added “Hide zero balances” button to Receive section.
  • Added “Private Payment/Anonymous Send” option to Send section.
  • Added CoinMarketCap actual data for NavCoin.
  • Added “Auto Update” feature for application.
  • Added “Context Menu”.
  • Added “Owner/Team Members”, “Web Site URL”, “Contact E-mail”, “Proposal Short Description”,”Proposal Long Description” fields to “Create Proposal” section.
  • Upgraded NavCoin Daemon version to “v4.2.0-cold-staking”.
  • Redesigned “News” section.

You can download latest NEXT build from

Thanks to everyone who has feedback and support!

Special thanks to NavCoin Core Team

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